Warning! Don't even think about buying an RC Car until you read this letter. (Unless you wanna be duped!)

"See How Easy You Can Start Racing (And Winning) With RC Cars!"

Are you looking for all the thrills of real racecar drivingrc cars and trucks for beginners all in one less expensive (but no less competitive) format? RC cars has become an immensely popular hobby shared by thousands and thousands of enthusiasts world wide.

While the word on the street is that racing RC cars is an expensive hobby, I'll show you how to get started for less than you think with any number of RC vehicles.

RC Cars, trucks, monster trucks, helicopters, boats, airplanes... They're all covered inside...

"...A Beginner's Guide To Buying And Racing RC Cars!"

Greetings RC Enthusiast,

Give me 45 minutes and I'll have you ready to race, rally, and rumble with a new RC Car!

Promise me one thing right now though. You won't just walk into a hobby store and purchase just any RC car you find. No matter HOW cool it looks.

rc car for beginnersPromise me you'll read through this first (but only if you want to save money).

Because not all RC cars are created equal, and some are more suited for beginners, it's important that you get the right information from the get go. Before you start spending your money on difficult models that will just discourage you.

There are two main groups of RC cars and I'm sure one is better for you than the other. (You can find out which in just minutes from now, keep reading.) But regardless of which model is right for you...

You can finally take great joy in knowing...

...You Don't Have To Be
A Racecar Driver To Race!radio controlled cars, rc cars

Even if you don't know one thing about RC Cars, I'll take you from complete beginner to a registered RC car racer.

In 57 pages I'll let you in on all the need-to-know information about RC cars you can't do without. On how to pick your first car to how to sign up for your first race. And you can download my report straight to your computer in just minutes from now.

...here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

4 main parts no RC Car can do without (including the "heart" of the car). (Pages 5-6)

The difference between radio controlled and remote controlled cars. (Who cares? The FCC does.) (Page 6)

An easy way to decide whether an electric or nitro car is best for you. (One's better for beginners.) (Page 7)

How long you can expect your battery to last (and how to deal with long recharge times. (Page 9)

Steer clear of these cars if you don't want additional maintenance requirements. (Page 9)

Save your electric car from unnecessary wear and tear by doing this... (Page 10)

Why hardcore RC car fans pay the big bucks for nitro cars (Hint: sight, sound, and smell.) (Page 12)

4 features that separate the nitro RC Car from the rest. (Page 12)

2 options to consider for starting the engine on your nitro car (it's not just an on-switch) (Page 13)

The only fuel you should put into your Nitro RC car (and where to get it). (Pages 13-14)

4 ways the fuel for your Nitro RC Car should NOT be treated. Do not ignore these safety warnings. (Page 15)

How to know if you're better off with a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. (Pages 15-17)

If you notice your RC car's acceleration is decreasing, you may not be caring for the clutch properly. Try this maintenance tip. (Page 17)

How to extend the life of your car's most expensive part (that you do NOT want to replace often). (Page 17)

4 more "must-do" maintenance tips for your RC-Car. (Page 17-18)

When you're a complete beginner, this is the type of RC car you should get. (Page 20)

Why you might want to take the more complex and time consuming route of getting your own RC Car. (Page 21)

7 things you need to have before you start building your own RC Car. (Page 21-23)

How to decide between On and Off-road RC cars (by taking a look at the pros and cons.) (Page 24)

6 different types of RC cars to consider (including the helicopter and watercraft). (Pages 25-26)

3 different sizes of RC cars to experiment with. Which one's more practical for your lifestyle? (Pages 27-29)

How much should you expect to pay for an RC Car. (Warning: You don't want to get ripped off!) (Page 30)

6 rules to follow at your first race (to make sure you come back with all of your parts) (Pages 31-33)

How long-time RC car racers pick the perfect terrain. (Page 34)rc cars and trucks

How to take part in an RC Truck Pull. (Page 35)

The ins and outs of RC Car racing complete with information and official rules of ROAR, the North American sanctioning body of RC racers. (Pages 37-42)

How to qualify and compete in NORRCA - another North American sanctioning body with a complete list of rules. (Pages 42-49)

What RC Car racers do on race day before they race, make sure you're there. (Page 51)

A quick run through of what to expect at your first race, including how each heat is run. (Pages 51-52)

How to evaluate a new track before you ever let your RC car fly. (Pages 52-55)

When to attempt a pass and when to stay put. (Pages 55-56)


And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

"What's New With RC Cars?"

Once you get your RC car and race it around a few times, you're going to want to race quick.

The perfect solution is ROAR! A North American sanctioning body of RC Car racing I introduce to you on page 37. Learn rc cars and trucksthe official rules and what to expect from your first race so you'll be ready to go...

...and ready to compete with those who have more experience. (Hint: They don't know everything.)

My guide makes sure to let you know which cars are best for beginners. (Page 20) But it doesn't hide from you the fact that there are a whole separate style of cars that are VERY popular (and very exciting).

Which type of RC cars you get into is up to you, but wait until you read the pros and cons of each before you dive in. (Page 12) And then decide if the extra maintenance (all described in my report!) sounds worth it to you.

radio controlled carsMy 57 page guide is the perfect introductory to the world of RC cars. I made you promise to read this letter first before diving in. That's because I know that my report is perfect for the beginner (and can keep you from getting over your head or ruining your car!)

I put a lot of effort into this guide and I know I could sell it at RC car races for big bucks. And it will undoubtedly save you money in the long run. How much is that worth to you?

For as long as I keep this site up (I may start offering it offline only), you can hear me spill my guts to you on RC Cars for just $12.97 $9.77. This isn't a marketing ploy, I just wanted you to know this is a test price, I'll be increasing it at any time! That makes your first investment a smart one.

And of course you're protected by my...

"....3 Month Money Back Guarantee!"

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Once again, if you don't think this book has provided any of the above benefits, let me know. Just send me an email saying so. That's all it takes and I'll issue a refund ASAP. No questions asked and we always part as friends.

That makes this the no-risk first step to an exciting life with RC Cars. Start your new hobby today with an educated step forward! Click the link below, your information is totally secure..and start reading in a couple of minutes.

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